Los Angeles will fall to Mexico, and the Left Coast of California will be surrendered to the new nation of “El Norte,” warns author

Is the United States heading down a path towards Civil War? According to author and columnist John Wilder, the answer is yes.

Wilder argues that the divisiveness that currently exists in America (and, notably, was perpetuated for almost a full decade under the so-called leadership of Barack Obama) is going to be the leading cause of a second civil war in our country, which Wilder predicts will happen as early as 2024 and as late as 2032. Wilder also noted that the only thing he believes would be able to stop this inevitable conflict is a prolonged, total war that would place the entire existence of America in jeopardy. However, since prolonged war often leads to the use of extreme weapons like bombs and missiles, “civil war might be the best-case scenario.”

In order to further illustrate this divisiveness, Wilder cited a Dartmouth survey, which found that while 45 percent of liberals would be uncomfortable having a roommate with opposing political views, just 12 percent of conservatives would feel uncomfortable in the same scenario. This, he argued, demonstrates that liberals (or at least young liberals, for that matter) are significantly more close-minded and more opposed to diversity than their right-wing counterpart.

The aftermath of a second civil war

Looking at a geographical map of the United States and the political cultures that exist in various regions, Wilder predicts that a civil war would ultimately result in four countries: “I can see a Heartland State, and East Coast, a West Coast, and a Northern Mexico,” he writes. “Los Angeles will be Mexico. Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle will be East Coast. The Boston/Manhattan/DC corridor will be East Coast. Northern Mexico will be as shown as El Norte.”

In other words, Wilder is predicting that the fallout from a second civil war in America will be vastly different than the fallout from the first. In the first civil war, the union was able to merge back together as one nation thanks in large part to the efforts of the first republican president, Abraham Lincoln. However, in the aftermath of a second civil war, our nation won’t be able to heal as efficiently as it did before, and the end result will be four different countries instead of just one.

What else could cause a civil war?

In April, Natural News warned that the indictment of Hillary Clinton will likely lead to a second civil war, which Mike Adams defined as “a domestic, kinetic conflict between anti-American Leftists and pro-American patriots.” The Health Ranger made it clear that he wasn’t using the term “civil war” as a political metaphor, but was rather “warning about actual kinetic conflict.”

“The unhinged Left, of course, will immediately start rioting once Hillary Clinton gets indicted,” Mike Adams explained. “Once the riots begin, I fully expect ‘kinetic engagement’ to begin.” He put emphasis on the fact that while he does not support nor condone such bloodshed, he fears that this is “exactly where things are headed for the simple reason that Leftists can no longer participate in a free society in any rational, lawful way.” Indeed, the progressive left have been becoming more and more radicalized in recent years, and their radicalization has now reached a point where all it would take is a tiny spark to start a fiery, all-out civil war. (Related: Is the left’s gun grab just an attempt to spark a civil war in America?)

A second civil war would certainly not be ideal, and God willing, it will never happen. However, due to the extreme divisiveness in our country today and the extreme nature of modern-day politics, it certainly isn’t out of the question.

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