The next American civil war starts in California

Shortly after a shocked (and no doubt angry) Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discovered she’d lost her second bid for the White House, this time to a billionaire political neophyte and reality TV star, she conceded to President-elect Donald J. Trump. And then liberal heads everywhere exploded.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who for months had predicted not only a Clinton victory but a yuuuge Clinton victory (wrongly, like the rest of the establishment media), nearly melted down on-air. Clinton’s supporters at her campaign headquarters, whom she abandoned, cried in disbelief. And not long thereafter, a movement began in California to secede from the United States, because the loony Left-wing inhabitants there, who are in the vast majority, believed conservatives in Texas should have to endure eight years of Barack Obama but they don’t have to endure eight minutes of Donald Trump.

And while much of the rest of the country laughs at the crybaby mentality driving this #Calexit, not everyone’s laughing. That includes Dave Hodges of “The Common Sense Show,” and Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. In fact, they think the next civil war will begin in the Golden State as its political leaders fan the flames of secession while moving to resist the new Trump administration on just about every policy issue possible. The state Assembly has even hired former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder to help push back, legally at first, against President Donald Trump’s agenda, which includes actual enforcement of immigration law and potential financial consequences for California’s many “sanctuary cities.” (RELATED: Non-compliant California will learn a hard, painful lesson in federalism if it continues to poke the Union bear)

For his part, Adams, in a recent column, pondered whether Trump would be the last president of the “united” states, as competing forces within the country fight for control:

Due in large part to the incessant lying and deliberate false reporting of the “fakestream” media, the United States of America is now precariously close to descending into armed revolt and a new civil war.

While President Trump is doing exactly what’s needed to protect America, root out the deep corruption of the bureaucracy and battle the incessant “fake news” lies of the media, the left-wing propagandists (who script every significant story in the mainstream media) have a sufficient number of blindly obedient followers to drive the nation into social chaos. (That’s their goal.)

But nowhere is the situation more volatile than in California, whose insanely Left-wing elected leaders and citizens really do believe they have some “right” to secede from the country, even though the first Civil War settled that question once and for all.

Constitutionally speaking, there is only language for how states are admitted into the union; there is no language about how states can leave, which was done intentionally by the founders because they did not want to create a situation where states could do just what California thinks it can do now – leave the United States because a group of petulant Americans living there doesn’t like the results of a presidential election (neither did the states of the Confederacy, by the way).

Still, Adams said he has studied this situation quite extensively and believes that conditions are ripe for a second civil conflict.

“I believe what the Left is trying to do is bait, either Trump supporters or the Trump administration, into overreacting or shooting first, and I’ve come up with a slogan for this new civil war, and it’s, ‘Whoever shoots first, loses.’” He said if the Left is violent first, it will give the Trump administration the impetus to quell the rebellion, so to speak; if the administration fires first, it will become the Left’s self-fulfilling prophecy and all bets will be off. (RELATED: The Chaos-Promoting Left Has Become A Powerful ALLY Of Anti-American Terrorists)

Then again, there would be almost no reason, short of widespread, organized anarchy involving dozens of U.S. cities in a way that overwhelmed state and local authorities, that the Trump administration would get directly involved. So, that would require the Alt-Left to stage a false flag event that ever-compliant establishment media would then report and hype as trouble having been started by Trump and/or his supporters.

“I think they can very easily stage a very convincing false flag shooting so they can blame Trump supporters,” Adams said.

And it very well could begin in California, where Adams say the “headquarters of the Trump resistance” can be found.

For his part, Hodges says he has a source who has sat in on the #Calexit meetings reporting that representatives from foreign governments – Russia, China, and Mexico – have also attended, at the state’s invitation.

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J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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